Security token interaction happens through a command line sto command that connects to an Ethereum network node and a local database. sto command is automatically installed via Docker.


Skills needed

  • Command line usage experience
  • Ethereum and smart contract experience

Software or services needed

  • Ethereum node, for example a local Parity installation or Infura-node-as-a-service - see how to install
  • Docker

Normal users

This tool is for command line users and developers only. We do not provide an end user application as open source. For business services please contact TokenMarket business representatives.

Advanced users

The sto command line application is provided as a Docker image to minimize the issues with painful native dependency set up for your operating system. To use sto we will set up a command line alias, as Docker command itself is quite long.

Install Docker (Windows, OSX).

OSX and Linux

Set up a shell alias for sto command that executes Dockerised binary:

alias sto='docker run -p 8545:8545 -v `pwd`:`pwd` -w `pwd` miohtama/sto:latest'

Then you can do:

sto --help

Docker will automatically pull an image from Docker registry for your local computer on the first run. We map port 8545 to the localhost as that is normal Ethereum JSON-RPC API.


After installing see how to set up the software.


Windows PowerShell instructions coming soon.

Meanwhile use Linux instructions and Linux Subsystem for Windows.


Python 3.6+ required.

Create Python virtual environment.

Then within the activated venv do:

git clone "git+"
python -m venv venv  # Python 3 needed
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -U pip  # Make sure you are at least pip 18.1 - older versions will fail
pip install -e ".[dev,test]"