Distributing shares

The command line tool supports a simple CSV import to distribute shares to shareholders.

  • Shares are moved to a hot wallet account, as configured above. (In the future, smart contract based and optimised distribution methods are supported.)
  • sto command reads a CSV file with investor info - see example CSV file below for column information
  • Transactions are prepared for broadcasting
  • Transactions are broadcasted and an audit log is written to the database

Each imported transaction must have an unique external_id attribute, so that we can track which distribution transaction corresponds incoming payment transaction.

First you need to record down the issued token address from above.

Example how to import CSV. We use an example file from the source code repository:

 # Download example CSV file provided with source code repository
curl -O "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TokenMarketNet/sto/master/docs/source/example-distribution.csv"

# Your token contract address goes here
sto --config=myconfig.ini distribute-multiple --csv-input=example-distribution.csv --address=0x....

This should output:

Distribution created 2 new transactions and there was already 0 old transactions in the database

Now you can broadcast your distribution transactions with sto tx-broadcast (see broadcasting).

Further information

See distribute-multiple command.