Cap table

Cap table show the current ownership, or token holding addresses, of security tokens.

Cap table can be printed for the current moment or any moment in the past.

Cap table output may contain the real world identities of the owners, if supplied via external CSV file, or just plain Ethereum addresses.

Scanning token holders first

To print out the cap table, first you need to build the local database of token transactions. See token scanner for details.

Printing out the token holder cap table

Use sto cap-table command to print out different views on the table.

Here we print out the cap table

First we download the file that contain read world identities of token holder addresses:

# Download example CSV file provided with source code repository
curl -O ""

Then we can use this file and our local token transfer database to print out the current cap table:

sto --config=myconfig.ini cap-table \
    --identity-file=example-ids.csv \

Cap table looks like this:


Further information

See cap-table command for ordering and formatting options.